Available History Trips

Flanders and The Somme WWI Battlefield Expedition

Flanders Fields to The Somme: Tracing the Valour and Remembrance of WWI Through Historic Battlefields and Reverent Cemeteries

Rome Unveiled A Journey Through History

Journey through Rome's past, from Vatican City to the Colosseum

Munich's Rich Past:- A Historical Expedition

Munich's history unfolds through castles, museums, and Bavarian traditions aplenty.

Aosta -Journey Through Roman History's Ruins

Explore Aosta's Roman history through ruins, arches, and ancient amphitheaters.

Auschwitz and Beyond - Krakow's Historical Journey

Krakow's rich history echoes Auschwitz, revealing resilience, remembrance, and cultural heritage

Berlin: Exploring the Depths of History

Berlin's history trip unveils layers of resilience, culture, and transformation

Normandy's WWII Legacy - A Historic Journey

Explore Normandy's WWII landmarks, honouring bravery and sacrifice on this historic journey


Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

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