Why arrange a school Geography trip?

We know that Geography includes the study of the earth's natural physical features as well as the impact and effect of human activities. Some areas of the world demonstrate both aspects of Geography to awe-inspiring levels, ensuring a visit will have nothing but positive outcomes on your students' understanding of their subject. Ultimately, this is a subject that really benefits from getting out of the classroom to see it all with your own eyes!

A trip to one of the UK's coastlines can help to understand the processes of coastal landforms, erosion and management. For the more adventurous, visiting Northern Italy's Aosta Valley showcases glaciers, mountains, valleys and rivers, but also the ability to view and understand the impact of tourism on the region. Or for the ultimate trip, take a tour of Iceland to see all of Geography's physical features in one place. This list is not exhaustive however and there's no shortage of other places to visit to complement learning. Let us know where you'd like to visit and we can help with the rest.

Seeing the natural effects of physical Geography with your own eyes really brings the subject to life and gives your students an opportunity to really understand the size and scale of the planet. They will gain an appreciation of the power of the planet that simply cannot be derived in the classroom. The experience will be one they will never forget.

Popular Geography Trips

School Geography Trip to Iceland

Icelandic Wonders: Unveiling the Golden Circle's Majestic Waterfalls, Geysers, and Untamed Natural Beauty

Why should I book my school Geography trip with Interschool Travel?

We've been organising school travel for over 40 years. We know exactly what's required to plan, build and deliver your perfect school Geography trip. We can help you organise a day trip to the coast in the UK, a 3-night adventure to see the mountains and valleys of Northern Italy or an all out expedition to Iceland to witness thermal springs, geysers and volcanoes! Whatever your're looking for, we can tailor the package you need to support your students' learning and for the right price - there's something for all budgets.

You'll see some sample trips above. Please note that these are merely examples of what you can do, but our approach is to work with you to create the perfect trip, completely bespoke and unique to you and your group. Let us know where you're thinking of going, how long for, what you'd like to see and when you want to travel. We'll put together a no-obligation quote and, if required, work on any refinements to shape the trip to your needs. There's no hard sell and no pressure, just good, impartial advice and suggestions, calling on our decades in the travel industry.


Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

If you can't find the tour you're dreaming of, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to bring your custom travel adventure to life; simply give us a call, and let's start planning together! letsgo@interschooltravel.co.uk or 01623 572472